Have you been wondering what SEYN is up to? The only platform that connects young people in Europe and beyond to promote sustainable energy projects is having its first General Assembly in December 2-4 in Greece.



After an intense year of activities and having been formally constituted as an organization last July, it is time to gather the troops, look at what has been done and draft a strategy for 2017.

In early December, 25 people, from all corners of Europe (Greece, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and UK) will gather at the FreeAndReal eco community in Evia, Greece, for a highly productive couple of days. Following the Assembly SEYNers will stay longer to provide meaningful presentations and workshop for both SEYNers and the local community, spreading the message of cooperation, energy and local sustainable development, as well as strengthening and expanding the network.

We chose to host our Assembly in Greece, due to the fact that many SEYN members are located in Greece but also as part of our solidarity activites to Southern countries, which we believe are a fertile ground for change and transition beyond economical, social and environmental crisis.  FreeandReal Community, is also an example of an informal school for transition and self-sufficiency, counting already many active years and can serve as an example for a sustainable lifestyle in local, regional, national and international level.

Free and Real location which will host SEYN General Assembly


SEYN has been steadily growing for the past 1,5 year. During this time, we have organised three Energy Academies – in Croacia, Greece and Spain.  We have a new website, an active social media presence with 1200+ supporters from Europe and beyond, a collaboration with the Federation of Ethical Banks Europe, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership proposal, a proposal for a solidarity project between Belgian and southern Europe schools, and of course developing the 2 SEYN’s spin-off organisations ICEACAN in Gran Canaria (Spain) and Electra Energy Coop in Athens, Greece. Additionally we established a collaboration with Greenpeace Greece on Solar Multipliers project, participated as trainers at SUSTRARES Erasmus+ youth mobility project, in several conferences as keynote speakers and we are currently joined in several other pending proposals for collaborative projects.

SEYN is currently at a turning point. There are lots of opportunities and partnership ahead and we want 2017 to be a fruitful year with several educational events and developing actual projects in several areas. We also want to become more sustainable in terms of organisational structure. Since SEYN operates under co-operative principles, the General Assembly is an important decision making instrument for building our community, making strategic decisions and to enhance the inclusivity of our internal and external processes. Thus, it is very positive to have such a big group of members present.

Yet, and because this event probably wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the support of the Heinrich Böll foundation (both the European Office and the HBS Greece), we would like to thank HBS for supporting this first General Assembly and for co-financing all our Energy Academies.

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Some of the sweet memories of the SEYN journey since summer 2015

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