Free and Real is hosting in the premise of the Telaithrion Project, in cooperation with SEYN (Sustainable Energy Youth Network) a 10-day practical and theoretical workshop in Northern Evia, Greece about Low Impact Technologies, DIY-DIT, Renewable Energy Sources and intro to the Telaithrion Project.

The Workshop will start on Friday 17 February and it will conclude on Sunday 26 February.

This ten days extensive workshop with the valuable help of SEYN and Alexandros Filippidis, we will dive deep into the waters of renewable energy, DIY/DIT applications and low impact technologies . In this workshop we will build together many different applications and we will deeply analyze in theory their possibilities.

Some of the subjects that we will be dealing with:

  • Biodigester construction. A biodigester operates as a kind of mechanical “stomach”. Fed with organic material, which then decomposed, creating biogas and valuable fertilizer.
  • Off grid system sizing and calculations. Through this workshop we calculate our energy needs and consumption and then design from scratch the desirable system. Our scope is to gain a complete knowledge on various system components like wind/hydro turbines, solar panels, batteries, inverters and energy systems on theory and practice.
  • Building a solar charger for mobile devices and tools A very useful and portable device, a solar
    charger can give life to a large range of gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, digital cameras etc.
  • Upcycling old speakers to a portable Bluetooth sound system. We all have a pair of old speakers from an old hi-fi. Here we will learn how to get them a new life and build a portable, off grid Bluetooth sound-system with low cost, ideal for events, parties, etc.
  • Building a solar panel. In this case, we will learn how we connect simple solar cells to make a functional and low cost solar panel.
  • Building a solar water heater. The solar heat can be used for heating domestic hot water (DHW) and also can be used for space heating by preheating the water. In both cases it takes advantage of the solar radiation and therefore the use of it is for free. Solar thermal systems can cover from 10% -60% the needs of a house of heating and hot water, giving a corresponding saving in current oil , LPG, … etc.The solar heating systems can function in combination with any other of heating system* oil boiler, wood, biomass, gas, heat pump, etc.), whether in an existing heating system or due to new facility.
  • Solar cooker and solar dehydrator Here we will see how to build a solar oven, a simple construction that can cook any food or boil water by using only solar energy and without the need of electricity. The solar radiation penetrates the glass and it’s been converted into heat which get trapped in the interior
    of the box by continuously increasing the temperature .The idea of drying is very old. The sun helps us to get rid of the liquid and the humidity of the foods we want to preserve. The solar dehydrators Are made of two parts. At one part happens the “collection” of solar radiation which heats the air and the other part is the food which we want to dry.
  • Solar air heater This construction will consist an autonomous solar air heater with an integrated solar panels. Every time there is sun, the radiation passes through the transparent cover and the special absorber heats the fresh air in the collector. The outside air has already been filtered before it enters your site.
  • Pedal power and retrofitting an old washing machine And other types of kinetic energy. The basic idea is to use a bicycle e as an energy source , and to connect it
    with an old washing machine. Also we will check some other applications off kinetic energy
  • Rocket Mass Heater. We will analyse and we will see in action the Rocket mass heater that we have already build in a previous workshop and we will give information’s and details about it .

The daily schedule will include practical and theoretical sessions throughout the day, part from our main topics around renewable energy recourses and DIY technologies we will also talk about Permaculture, Natural Farming, and almost all the topics that we deal with all these years in the Telaithrion project such us Vegeterian Nutrition, Mushroom cultivation, Botanology, Health, Eco-Building and many more subjects that we have come across these 6 years that we are here. There will be a detailed presentation of the Telaithrion project and a full tour around the three locations of the project.

The recommended contribution for this workshop is 230 euros (for SEYN members special suggested contribution will apply) and includes:

  • Accommodation. All participants will stay with us in the four yurts of the project in the “test site”. (Photos)
  • Food. A vegetarian diet which includes seasonal fruits, fruit juices, teas & herbs, one full meal per day (salad, sprouts, nuts & a main course) sometimes dessert, and breakfast with Fouhata and/or homemade jams
  • Supplies for the workshop
  • Transportation of the coordinators, to and from Euboea Island.
  • Spa at the 9 Queens Spa Hotel
ATTENTION: Positions for the workshop are limited and strictly for 26 participants and priority will be kept.

If you wish to apply, send us an e-mail to with your name, the title of the workshop you are interested in, the number of people you are applying for, their e-mails, and a telephone number. We always try to arrange carpooling among the participants in order to reduce the cost and footprint of transportation, so please mention if you have a car, or if you need a car, and which area you are coming from.


Our SEYN trainers

Alexandros Filippidis
Alex wants to live in a world, powered by the energy of the people, full of empowered individuals and communities, shared knowledge and culture. On the meantime he uses a force field around himself effectively repelling negativity and attracting changemakers, doers and thinkers. As a professional with 8 plus years experience, continuing after his Masters in Denmark about renewable energy management, has worked as an analyst, advisor facilitator and projects manager. Very experienced DIYer, inspirational speaker and trainer, from a young age have educate self in what he calls “true skills of survival”, meaning natural building, energy self-sufficiency, water collection, building communities and human culture.

When he is not coordinating the Sustainable Energy Youth Network or involved in more than a handful initiatives, you can find him growing vegetables in Netherlands, inspiring people in Croatia, promoting community energy or developing projects in Greece and beyond.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”, one of his favorite quotes, gets justified, only if you come with a smile and the energy to build another world together with this globally expanding tribe.


Katherina Anastasiadis
Katherina is currently an architecture student with a fine arts background, and an aspiring creator. She has been an excited SEYNer – cofounder since the very beginning and a solar multiplier as of recently. When it comes to projects concerning energy and food sufficiency, DIY projects as well as natural building she always likes to get her hands dirty.

After some time she spent trying to make a change through politics, she decided that this is not the way to go and instead, ground up actions, initiatives, collaboration, solidarity and community work is the way. In her vision of a world embracing nature, without inequalities, social discrimination, human and environmental exploitation and suffering, doing nothing is not an option.

She is always there speaking to people with ideas who know what it is they want to change and encouraging them to turn those ideas into actions and become doers who in their turn will continue the circle.

In the past months she has been coordinating reSUN project, an idea which with a team of young doers in Chania, is finally put into action, and aims at introducing people to DIY solar applications and the concept of energy prosumption (production + consumption ) as well as creating a network of such initiatives in the island region and beyond.


Yorgos Theodorakis
Inline image 1He was still​ studying physics, in 1981, when first heard the terms Climate Change and the 2° C limit. He deals with the fulfilling of Fundamental Human Needs (Manfred MaxNeef) with systems that follow the three moral principles of Permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares. He focuses on the use of solar energy for heat production (solar heaters, ovens, dehumidifiers, etc.), local and p2p currencies and Community Building tools (eg Non-violent Communication, the Way of Council, Open Space, World Cafe, etc). He does not believe in Me, to self-sufficiency, but in We, in the Community. He is a founding member of the Plato Academy Transition Group, the project Urban Ecocommunity, UFiT (Urban Flat in Transition) and informally involved in several other groups with a view to sustainability, eg SEYN, Festival of Alternative and Solidarity Economy, Unavision Greece etc.

Yorgos has organized and / or participated as a speaker at workshops within the various projects, in festivals, in rural and in urban conditions, in State of the Art or in Survivalism mode.In his Urban Flat in Transition there are solar heaters, solar cookers and dryers, a Rocket Heater and other devices and experiments
But what he deeply needs, is a Community in nature with people with the same intentions. An Ecommunity.

Antonis Valtsis
Antonis is an environmental manager with a degree, blogger by hobby, volunteer birdwatcher, inbred activist, recycling coordinator in a social cooperative, solar multiplier and lately a full SEYNer. When he finds time, he ‘s experimenting with the natural cultivation at his farm, hiking and travel (usually with Erasmus projects).

Passionate with creating and accelerating innovative solutions with the greatest possible impact, for a sustainable future. Fields of interest and action: environmental footprint, DIY-DIC, crowdsourcing, circular economy, social entrepreneurship.

About SEYN 
SEYN is a network of and for young people, creating a future based on sustainable energy through a social and cooperative approach, as part of the growing community energy global scene.
For us energy, is not just kilowatt-hours, but an important resource for socio-economic development to promote and fuel social equality, combat poverty, help to build resilient communities and take power and future in our hands.
We promote an holistic approach towards energy, combining social aspects and impacts, the environmental respect, decision making based on democratic processes and its connection towards a truly sustainable lifestyle, which includes housing, food, mobility, water, human and animal rights, culture, care, education and, of course, energy itself.
Our network begun as an idea in mid-2014, in a Youth Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece. after organizing various training events like the Energy Academies in Greece, Croatia and Spain, SEYN was recently officially established as a non profit association in Belgium. SEYN is inspired and promotes the social and cooperative approach, All our members (22 founders from 6 countries and 1000+ supporters) share the same passion, ethics, values and drive for change, bringing diverse backgrounds and skills. SEYN is proud to have members from several countries, highly active in operating and collaborating on local and transnational level using innovative collaborative tools, while promoting and operating under cooperative values and processes.
SEYN is a growing platform of young and more experienced people, interacting and cooperating, exchanging experiences, information, best practices, know-how, learning and educating, finding experts and partners, connecting with other young people in order to realize their projects at a community level, create jobs and functioning links between them, beyond borders or other physical or social limitations.

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