Ever wondered what is community energy? How can you combine the benefits of green power with local development and social approach under a cooperative structure? Well, here is one of many examples from a community called Reading in UK, which is an example of how community can come together, look in the future, decide and develop energy projects open and beneficial for all community with the support of other cooperatives as well. – SEYN


Energy4All Ltd are pleased to be working with Reading Community Energy Society.

Energy4All is a non profit distributing organisation dedicated to helping communities around the UK to own renewable energy schemes. Energy4All itself is owned by the community co-operatives it creates and is unique in the UK. It was established in 2002 by the successful Baywind Energy Co-op in Cumbria and has now set up (and administers) 19 additional co-ops.

Energy4All will help RCES develop the project to a professional standard. They will also provide administration and management services to RCES through a Service Agreement.

Energy4All has many more projects in the pipeline. In total nearly £40million has now been raised through community share offers and the Energy4All family of co-ops has over 13,000 members in total.

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What is Reading Community Energy Society?

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για reading community energyReading Community Energy Society Board is a combination of members from the local community, Reading Council and Energy 4 All. Each Board of Directors is passionate about increasing the amount of renewable energy in Reading and making this project happen.
RCES is set up as a ‘community benefit society’ meaning it is a business run for charitable purposes. It is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (Registered Number 7156) under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. It is managed for the benefit of the community and owned by investors, who we hope will be mainly local people. These investors will be RCES’ Members and are protected by limited liability status.
Energy4All is a non-profit social enterprise that supports communities to own and operate renewable energy projects is helping to deliver this scheme. Its constitution is in the form of Rules approved by and registered with the FCA. The RCES Board are driven by high ethical standards as defined by the international co-operative movement and intend to operate the Society in line with the values of co-operation and democracy as well as a sound commercial ethos.

The key characteristics of Reading Energy are:

• the Society operates for the benefit of the community;
• a Member must have the minimum number of shares which is 200, each with a nominal value of £1;
• all Members have one vote regardless of how many Shares they hold;
• no Member, except another registered Society, may hold more than 100,000 Shares;
• the Board is elected by the Members and only Members are eligible to serve on the Board

The Project

Reading Community Energy Society has installed solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of ten community buildings in and around Reading funded by a Community Share Offer, the first of its kind in Reading.

The Society  delivers just over 176 kWp of solar PV over 10 community buildings including places of worship and community centres. The main aim of the project is to help reduce energy bills of the community buildings involved, improve the sustainability of our community, reduce climate change emissions and improve energy security.

The Society has been set up so that after a fair return of 5% has been paid to investors, the profits, estimated to be £260,000 over the 20 year life of the project, will go back to the community as part of a community fund.

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Lifespring Church roof

Lifespring Church roof

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