What is an Energy Mastercourse?

Following the very exciting Energy Academies in Croatia, Greece and Spain, a new type of educational tool was added to SEYN’s activities. The energy Mastercourse is a unique, non formal, hands on experience combining theory and practice on the issues of renewable energy, skill development, community building and collaborative work.

Participants are exposed to a series of DoItYourself options and theoritical modules ranging from energy systems designs to installations and actual building. Through intensive mentoring and coordination we aimed to build several devices with participants of zero to extended knowledge, various ages and different countries, promoting group and community development.

By the end of the course, all participants have a basic knowledge regarding energy and have been actively involved in building/installing actual off grid power systems, pedal power devices, solar sound systems, solar cooking devices, solar air heaters, solar water heater, mobile power banks using reclaimed batteries, vertical wind turbines, biodigesters, solar dehydrators, led lighting and several more.

The Energy Mastercourse lasts up to 10 days or can be modified based on the given needs of the hosted facility and location.


We believe that there is a huge distance to be covered between being just a consumer and becoming an active prosumer. Young (and not only) people need to get a first hand glimpse of the endless possibilities to consume and produce energy in an environmentally respectful manner, as well as being exposed to the community energy approach as a supplementary tool for local and personal development.

In the modern age of social media and interconnectivity beyond borders, technology and tested approaches are readily available, however very few people take the initiative to build, test and operate these alternatives, due to lack of money, skills, knowledge or time.

By attending this type of workshops, we have seen people with no prior experience in using power tools or any other energy related backgrounds, to quickly speaking the same language while feeling the empowerment satisfaction going from a morning theory presentation, to designs and actual building.

Apart from the knowledge, the practical skills coupled with the innovative spirit and mindset, are the basic pillars of this education provided by a team of exciting, inspiring, with various levels of experience SEYN trainers.


Participants of the Mastercourses come from all walks of life, ages, educational backgrounds and locations, making it a true educational and community melting pot. Our no restrictions approach has been working seamlessly and provide each time both a challenge for our experienced trainers but also a great opportunity for sharing new ideas, develop group dynamics, true empowering opportunity and enhance inclusivity.

The spirit of “I didnt know I could do it and look at me I did it” is a powerful lesson which we firmly believe should be shared beyond any restrictions.


Energy Mastercourses in 2017

During February, June and September 2017, SEYNers from Greece, developed the Energy Mastercourses experience at the hospitable FreeAndReal ecocommunity, in Evia,Greece.

The aim was to provide non formal, theoretical and practical education to a diverse group of up to 30 people at a time, but also to adjust the building devices to the needs of the people living there, as well as the future needs for the very successful Eco Knights Festival.

Ten separate devices, coupled with exciting theoretical sessions in 10 days, were constructed during the 1st Mastercourse in February, following even many more in the next two events. Excitement, bonding, creativity and knowledge sharing was dispersed throughout the courses and based on the feedback we received, we are confident to continue in 2018.

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Having received several requests in Greece and abroad, we have 3 Energy Mastercourses already planned up to mid-2018 and we are open for proposals and collaborations.


About our trainers

Alexandros Filippidis. Alex wants to live in a world, powered by the energy of the people, full of empowered individuals and communities, shared knowledge and culture. On the meantime he uses a force field around himself effectively repelling negativity and attracting changemakers, doers and thinkers. As a professional with 8 plus years experience, continuing after his Masters in Denmark on renewable energy management, has worked as an analyst, adviser, installer, facilitator and project manager. Very experienced DIYer, inspirational speaker and trainer, from a young age have educate self in what he calls “true skills of survival”, in topics of natural building, energy self-sufficiency, water collection, agriculture, community building and human culture. When he is not coordinating the Sustainable Energy Youth Network or involved in more than a handful initiatives, you can find him growing vegetables in Netherlands, inspiring people in Croatia, promoting community energy or developing projects in Greece and beyond.
“Your vibe attracts your tribe”, one of his favorite quotes, gets justified, only if you come with a smile and the energy to build another world together with this globally expanding tribe.

Katherina Anastasiadis.Katherina is currently an architecture student with a fine arts background, and an aspiring creator. She has been an excited SEYNer since the very beginning and a solar multiplier as of recently. When it comes to projects concerning energy and food sufficiency, DIY projects as well as natural building she always likes to get her hands dirty.
After some time she spent trying to make a change through politics, she decided that this is not the way to go and instead, ground up actions, initiatives, collaboration, solidarity and community work is the way. In her vision of a world embracing nature, without inequalities, social discrimination, human and environmental exploitation and suffering, doing nothing is not an option.
She is always there speaking to people with ideas who know what it is they want to change and encouraging them to turn those ideas into actions and become doers who in their turn will continue the circle. In the past months she has been coordinating reSUN project, an idea which with a team of young doers in Chania, is finally put into action, and aims at introducing people to DIY solar applications and the concept of energy prosumption (production + consumption ) as well as creating a network of such initiatives in the island region and beyond.

Sheila Darmos, Christos Kagis, Antonis Valtsis. Sheila, Christos and Antonis are SEYN members with knowlegde and passion for all the subjects that the team is in to. Passionate with creating and accelerating innovative solutions with the greatest possible impact, for a sustainable future. Fields of interest and action: cooperatives, permaculture, environmental footprint, DIY-DIC, crowdsourcing, circular economy, social entrepreneurship.


Join our planned energy Mastercourses for 2018

30 March 2018, FreeAndReal, Evia, Greece – click to APPLY HERE (Facebook event)
27-29 April 2018, SEYN Energy Weekend @ Polichoros Nisi, Styra, Greece – click to APPLY HERE
May 2018, Ikaria, Greece – TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON
June 2018, FreeAndReal, Evia, Greece – TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON
July 2018, Mauvezin-d’Armagnac, France – TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON
August 2018, Thailand – PENDING APPROVAL

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