SEYN General Assembly 2016
FreeAndReal Ecocommunity, Evia, Greece
Community energy is the solution
Solar Multipliers
SEYN goes to Greece vol.2

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What is SEYN

SEYN is a network of young people, building a future based on sustainable energy through a social and cooperative approach. For us energy, is not just kilowatt-hours, but an important resource  for socio-economic development to promote and fuel social equality, combat poverty, help to build resilient communities and take power and future in our hands.

We promote a holistic approach towards energy, combining the social aspects and impacts, the environmental respect, the decision making based on direct democratic processes and its connection towards a truly sustainable lifestyle which includes housing, food, mobility, water, human and animal rights, culture, care, education and of course energy itself.

Our focus areas


SEYN is building a community beyond borders connected by the common values and aspirations. Through mapping this “tribe”, exchange of services, ideas, projects and forging collaboration SEYN aims to empower all current and future SEYNers.


SEYN has already completed 3 energy academies and aims to provide training to its members, supporters and communities, on a variety of themes, ranging from project development, social approach, cooperatives, alternative financing, best practices through innovative methods.

Energy projects

SEYN together with several partners across Europe aims to develop renewable energy projects with high social value through a cooperative approach.


SEYNers are building trustworthy partnerships with cooperatives, ethical banks, donors and sponsors, provide services on crowdfunding and alternative financing, as well as through grants and various financing possibilities, aiming to assist young people to make projects come to reality.

Our Services

Concept of teamwork

Our growing network consists of people with diverse skills and competencies, coming together under common values, sharing a variety of services between our members, as well as external partners, communities and organizations.

We provide services on project management, technical support, education and training, funding, communication, networking and many more

SEYN growing community

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Words from our Members

  • "You will be amazed at what a group of young and committed people can do together."

    Susana Guerreiro
    Susana Guerreiro Founding Member
  • "Your vibe attracts your tribe"

    Alexandros Filippidis
    Alexandros Filippidis President - Coordinator
  • "Without community, there is nothing."

    Maja Jurisic
    Maja Jurisic Director
  • I am amazed of what has been achieved in the past year and a half.

    Dirk Knapen
    Dirk Knapen VIce President
  • "in my whole life, I can’t remember being involved in such a creative event"

    Energy Academy participant
  • "SEYN is changing my life and its direction"

    Christos Iordanidis
    Christos Iordanidis Energy academy participant and founding member
  • "SEYN gives me all the hope I have been losing"

    Katherina Anastasiadis
    Katherina Anastasiadis Founding member

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